2021: Tree Climbers Rendezvous

The following information is subject to change.

Location:  TBA

Dates: TBA – We anticipate sometime between mid Sept. to early Oct.

Registration: We will be accepting “early bird” registrations as soon as possible.

Accommodations & Meals: Daily breakfast and dinner meals, with optional box lunches, are provided during the Rendezvous. Gluten free and/or vegetarian meals are also available upon request, in advance. Negotiations are underway to secure the best accommodations for our group.

Sponsorship: We welcome sponsors – whether it may be through gear donations, maintaining a booth during the Rendezvous, or outfitting all or part of a selected tree with gear you may want to showcase during a workshop or as part of a tree climbing challenge. We appreciate any and all forms of support our sponsors may be willing to offer. Please contact us for more information about becoming a sponsor.

Scholarships: We provide a limited number of scholarships to qualified tree climbing candidates, to cover all or part of the Rendezvous admission fees. If you’d like to recommend a scholarship candidate or would like to be a scholarship sponsor, please contact us.

Optional Pre & Post Rendezvous Excursions: TBA