Nature is our objective reality and we need only embrace it to become better balanced, centered and focused as individuals. Our very lives depend on our ability to harmonize with nature and become one with our greater collective.

Things to do in trees may include:

Tree Climbing
Recreational tree climbing introductions are to be offered by TreeXP as a one-day or half-day excursion with enough basic instruction and training to safely get a student up and down from large tree. Facilitators and trainers will have many available tools to aid the climbers, including an optional counter-balance system to provide climbers with an elevator-like lift to reach the canopy, requiring far less effort and lots more time to really enjoy the overall experience.   … Continue

Hammocks are excellent for relaxation, meditation, and sleep.  Hammock camping is favorable, when compared to other ground-based camping options. Being above ground, one avoids things like a cold damp ground, bugs, bumpy or uneven surfaces. Optional bug netting, wind and rain cover protection, provides a compact, lightweight camping alternative…. Continue

Aerial Yoga
Aerial yoga is an emerging sport, usually taking place in health clubs and yoga ashrams. There are two types of aerial yoga devices, one being a yoga-swing with three handles on each side and the other being a yoga-hammock, made from super strong and stretchy silk-nylon fabric. Both the yoga-swing and the yoga-hammock offers the practitioner an ability to achieve inverted positions, thereby using the effects of gravity which freely provides an vast array of benefits that go beyond those offered in traditional yoga classes. … Continue

Everyone loves to play on swings, especially tree-swings.  Adding the tree to the swing equation gives one a greater sense of being at-one with or a part of the tree itself and a great rush of exhilaration. The higher the tie-in-point, the greater the rush. … Continue

Slacklines are tied between two connection points, including trees. They provide a challenging method for one to achieve balance. While slacklining is being taken to extreme heights and unimaginable places, there’s a gentleness and beauty which comes from those who are able to master this skill.

For beginners, especially:  Start low and slow.  … Continue