We transform our clients into proficient, self-equipped recreational tree climbers

TreeXP understands what it takes to be a proficient, self-equipped recreational tree climber.  When starting out in any new sport, the numerous options can be rather intimidating and costly. TreeXP helps work through all that and through personalized instruction, we enable our clientele to intelligently and mindfully acclimate into the recreational tree climbing world.

We proudly and humbly offer our services to climbers, trend setters, adventure seekers, canopy researchers, explorers, wildlife or nature photographers, nature enthusiasts and environmental activists. Our guidance focuses on all the necessary essentials needed to safely climb trees in places ranging from one’s own backyard to exotic locations around the world.

Our clients are interested in climbing trees, trying new and old-school techniques with State-of-the-Art, high quality, safety rated and industry certified gear. We enjoy working one-on-one, or in groups, with individuals across a broad age range and with various levels of physical conditioning, including and especially those with special challenges.

Our goal is move quickly beyond the just the most basic, least gear intensive and more strenuous climbing techniques, into an upgraded climbing system using some of the best and most efficient tree climbing equipment on the market. We appreciate the value of minimalism and learning old-school methods, and also the major improvements achieved when incorporating modern climbing technologies into our systems.

Rec tree climbers enjoy the beauty, challenge, exercise, and the joyful exhilaration of being immersed in nature. We constantly strive to promote safe, responsible practices and non-invasive techniques to achieve our climbing objectives. Compared to what production climbers go through when doing professional tree work with cutting tools, chainsaws and climbing-spurs,  rec tree climbing without these impediments makes things a lot less risky.

Our climbing systems enable one to ascend and descend into a tree’s canopy, as well as, limb-walk, navigate, maneuver and reposition oneself. Ideally, a climber ascends up one tree, traverses from tree to tree and returns to the ground. When two or more recreational tree climbers join together, the recreational tree climbing options become vastly enhanced by way of inventive and cooperative rigging, traverses, zip lines and counter balances.

Our services provide a hand’s on way for interested climbers to try different types of gear and get on-rope to experience the various kinds of tree climbing methods. After enough practice, our clientele will develop an ability to personalize their own climbing setup for optimal results.

Beginning climbers will be well served by obtaining tree climbing training. DIY’ers and beginning climbers may have trouble figuring out or finding the right combinations of gear, or spend seemingly endless amounts of money on unnecessary equipment. Beyond just learning basic tree climbing skills, our services are for sports minded individuals who ultimately want to become proficient, self-equipped recreational tree climbers, in a time efficient and cost effective way.

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