This Redwood tree seed was released by a seed-cone.
This Redwood tree seed was released by a seed-cone.

Eco-Restoration projects are TreeXP’s primary focus, from a philanthropic standpoint. Guided expeditions to collect seed cones or tree samples for cloning, planting expeditions and nature walks to learn about edible and medicinal plants are a few ways we can connect with nature.

Nature is our objective reality and if we simply embrace this fact, we’ll become better balanced, centered and focused as individuals. Our very lives depend on our ability to harmonize with nature and become one with our greater collective.

We’ve recklessly taken so much from nature and unless we are able to achieve sustainability to achieve and restore balance, as many indigenous people have done for eons, mankind will not survive in an environment that fails to adequately replenish its resources.

Lélia and Sebastião Salgado, recently featured in the 2014 blockbuster documentary, Salt of the Earth,  have worked since the 1990s on the restoration of a small part of the Atlantic Forest in Brazil. In 1998, they succeeded in turning this land into a nature reserve and created the Instituto Terra. The Instituto is dedicated to a mission of reforestation, conservation and environmental education. The achievements of the Instituto have established a proven case-model, showing how over farmed and over ranched land can be restored, thereby promoting the return of waterfalls, ponds, streams and wildlife.

The team at Archangel Ancient Tree Archive, recently completed a project with a handful of experienced tree-climbers from Bartlett Arborist Supply, who climbed Coastal Redwood Trees and Sequoias, in an effort to collect and clone trees, to be planted in Oregon and Washington. They’re building living libraries of old-growth tree genetics by cloning these old growth trees through traditional and advanced horticultural propagation for the purpose of future research and functional reforestation.