Climbing Trees

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Recreational (Non-Invasive) Tree Climbing:

Rec tree climbers have an annual get together, known as the Tree Climbing Rendezvous. It’s a multi-day event and last year it was held near Boulder Colorado. In Aug. 2018, it was hosted in Costa Rica, and in 2019 it’s rumored that it’ll happen someplace in California. This group focuses on recreational tree climbing, canopy research, environmental protection, conservation and wildlife research.

Many recreational tree climbers are representative members of the ISA (International Society of Arboriculture), either retired, or working as Arborists and climbing tree service professionals.  ISA and others do sponsor really fabulous tree climbing parties and competitions at various places and times, around the USA.

From time to time, other groups on various social media platforms, some less formal than others, do organize climbs for experienced and self sufficient tree climbers in the area who just like to meet occasionally and climb together.

Our services help our clientele intelligently and mindfully acclimate into the recreational tree climbing world, through personalized instruction. We demonstrate and provide hand’s on instruction using various climbing products and climbing methods. Learn More…

We hope you’ll become as passionate and excited about Recreational Tree Climbing, as we are. If you’re already an experienced rock-climber, than perhaps you are familiar with many of the tree-climbing components. Tree climbing offers us an objective reality that allows us to challenge ourselves, while connecting directly with nature.

All are welcome here, so please come join us for a taste of the TreeXP’erience.

Tree Climbing Competitions:

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