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Recreational (Non-Invasive) Tree Climbing:

We’re organizing a recreational tree climbing network for all us fellow climbers and climbing enthusiasts who are interested in attending or hosting parties in places where we can get the owner’s consent to climb their tree/s. Climbers will agree to provide all their own non-invasive climbing gear and climb at their own risk. This doesn’t have to be anything overly extreme, just a positive way for us to network and climb trees legally on private property, subject to applicable consent waivers, etc.

If you are located within say 300 miles of the Bainbridge Island or Seattle, Washington area and are interested in signing up as either a climber or a tree owner, please contact at, or come find me blabbing on the forum at TreeBuzz.


TreeXP is currently offering recreational tree climbing consulting services. We provide climbing demonstrations and openly discuss various aspects of tree climbing. In the near future, we hope to offer tree climbing training courses for beginning, intermediate and advanced climbers, as one-day or half-day excursions. At a minimum, with proper basic instruction, equipment and training, we will enable a student to safely and securely climb up and down from a tree. We will employ facilitators and climbing instructors, well trained in the use of proper climbing, rescue and assisted climbing methods. Our trainers will have many available tools to aid the climbers, including an optional counter-balance system to provide climbers with an elevator-like lift to reach the canopy, requiring far less effort and lots more time to really enjoy the overall experience.

As you read the articles posted on our site’s blog and other related information, we hope you’ll become more familiar with Recreational Tree Climbing. If you are already an experienced rock-climber, than perhaps you are familiar with many of the tree-climbing components. Tree climbing offers us an objective reality that challenges oneself connect directly with a real, multi-dimensional living beings who support a vast array of other symbiotically inter-connected life forms. We as climbers rely primarily on climbing lines that we mindfully connect to limbs with a life-bearing load capacities, while incorporating non-invasive climbing techniques to preserve our environment and protect our precious ecosystems.

All are welcome here, so please come join us for a taste of the TreeXP’erience.


Our Climbing consultation services are based on the same principals and practices used by industry professionals, including  arborists and other tree care professionals. Tree climbing gear used throughout the industry is designed to meet specific standards and is already in use by many others, including rock and mountain climbers, cavers, emergency rescue professionals, pole and tower workers, and by tactical military personal.

Even with all the best intentions, tree climbing has inherent risks.

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