Aerial Yoga

Aerial yoga is an emerging sport, usually taking place in health clubs and yoga ashrams. There are two types of aerial yoga devices, one being a yoga-swing with three handles on each side and the other being a yoga-hammock, made from super strong and stretchy silk-nylon fabric. Both the yoga-swing and the yoga-hammock offers the practitioner an ability to achieve inverted positions, thereby using the effects of gravity which freely provides a vast array of benefits that go beyond those offered in traditional yoga classes.

While the benefits of aerial yoga are significant, the added advantage of participating in this activity while being suspended from a tree, in a forest, adds an enhanced and more highly evolved, super-charged, dimension to these activities. Feeling the wind, listening to song birds, smelling the fragrances in nature, all add a far greater dimension to the overall experience.

In-Tree-Aerial-Yoga classes can be provided for various skill levels, as well as, customized for specific groups and/or individuals.