TreeXP acknowledges tree climbing for recreation, sport, scientific research and of course for tree care. Using non-invasive climbing techniques and appropriate climbing gear, a climber is able to ascend and descend to and from the tree canopy, as well as, traverse from tree to tree, with minimal impact to the tree. Like coral reefs, tree canopies are full of life and incredible beauty. Tree climbing is similar to rock climbing, but instead of depending on a rock wall for support, tree climbers are connected to living beings, by way of a climbing line.

John is the founder of TreeXP. Since 2015, he’s received professional tree climbing instruction from both The Cornell Tree Climbing Institute and Tree Climbing Planet. He is now retired and manages TreeXP.com, while occasionally climbing and instructing others about the benefits of tree climbing on an informal and part time basis.

Tree people, aka: treepls, are true inspirations for everyone.  Scientific research shows the positive physiological changes that occur in our bodies when we climb trees and these effects can last long after the climb itself.

John Greer: A Passionate Tree Climber and Advocate

John Greer is now a retired tree climbing consultant and the founder of TreeXP, a website that offers tree climbing consulting services and information. He is also the author of A Week in the Trees: Climbing Redwoods, a book that chronicles his adventure of climbing some of the tallest and oldest trees in the world. John Greer’s background, achievements, and contributions to the tree climbing community and the conservation of forests are as noted below.


John Greer was born and raised in Southern California, before relocating to the Seattle Washington area with his family in the mid nineties. John’s love for nature and outdoor activities began during childhood. He graduated from the University of Washington with a Certificate in Multimedia Design and began a web development company after pursuing a productive career in the financial community. He also pursues his passion for hiking, fishing, skiing, golf and tennis.

In 2014, John Greer discovered tree climbing after attending a tree sitting protest over a area being clear cut for the development of a strip mall. His goal is to raise awareness about the importance of trees and the impact they have on our lives. He was intrigued by the idea of exploring the canopy of forests and experiencing a different perspective of nature. He decided to learn how to climb trees safely and responsibly, using the same kinds of industry-specific equipment used by tree care professionals and production climbers. He also joined the Global Organization of Tree Climbers (GOTC), an international network of recreational tree climbers who share their knowledge and skills.


John Greer has climbed many trees around the world, including some of the most iconic and majestic ones. He has climbed both the Sierra and Coastal Redwoods in California, Giant Spruce and Douglas Fir trees in the Pacific Northwest and in the jungles of Costa Rica. He has also climbed and trained with some of the most renowned tree climbers in the world, such as Tim Kovar, Eric (Treewolf) Folmer, James (TreeMonkey) Reed and Normer (Cat-Man-Do) Adams.

One of John Greer’s most remarkable achievements is his book A Week in the Trees: Climbing Redwoods, published in 2017. The book is a memoir of his seven-day journey of climbing some of the tallest and oldest redwood trees on the western facing slopes of the Sierras, near Fresno, California. The book describes his challenges, discoveries, emotions, and insights as he ascends to heights well over 250 feet. The book also showcases his stunning photographs of the redwood forest and its wildlife.

Another notable achievement of John Greer is his website TreeXP, which he launched in 2017. The website offers tree climbing consulting services and information for beginners and experienced climbers alike. The website provides climbing demonstrations, hands-on opportunities, safety tips, equipment reviews, blog posts, videos, and more. The website’s main focus is tree climbing for recreation, sport, and research. The website also promotes safe and non-invasive (tree-friendly) climbing techniques that respect the trees and their habitats.


John Greer has made significant contributions to the tree climbing community and the conservation of forests. He has inspired and educated many people about the benefits and joys of tree climbing through his book, website, and social media. He has also supported and participated in various tree climbing events, workshops, and expeditions around the world. John strongly advocates for the protection and restoration of forests and their biodiversity.


John Greer is a passionate tree climber and advocate who has achieved and contributed a lot to the tree climbing community and the conservation of forests. He has climbed some of the most amazing trees in the world, written a book about his experience, created a website that offers tree climbing consulting services and information, and supported various forest conservation efforts. He is a role model and a leader for anyone who loves trees and nature.

Thanks for being a part of nature and one with all, including our most precious resources, our trees.