TreeXP acknowledges tree climbing for recreation, sport, scientific research and of course for tree care. Using non-invasive climbing techniques and appropriate climbing gear, a climber is able to ascend and descend to and from the tree canopy, as well as, traverse from tree to tree, with the intention of having minimal to no impact on the trees themselves. Like coral reefs, tree canopies are full of life and incredible beauty. Tree climbing is similar to rock climbing, but instead of depending on a rock wall for support, tree climbers are connected to living beings, by way of a climbing line.

John Greer, is founder of TreeXP, and currently serving on the council for the Global Organization of Tree Climbers. He’s worked in the banking and real estate industry in Southern California, before moving his family to Bainbridge Island, Washington. In 1998, John founded Web Shui LLC, a web design and development business in the mid 90’s. His hobbies include photography and writing articles and books about things he’s passionate about. Experience wise, since 2015, John has received professional tree climbing instruction from The Cornell Tree Climbing Institute and Tree Climbing Planet.

Tree people, aka: treeps, are true inspirations for everyone.  Scientific research shows the positive physiological changes that occur in our bodies when we climb trees and these effects can last long after the climb itself.

Thanks for being a part of nature and one with all, including our most precious resources, our trees.