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TreeXP offers recreational tree climbing consulting services. We provide climbing demonstrations and offer hands-on opportunities for beginning climbers to acquire direct “on-rope” experience using stationary and doubled rope climbing methods, while using the same kinds of industry specific equipment used by tree care professionals and production climbers. We teach and encourage others to reinforce safe and non-invasive (tree-friendly) climbing techniques. For more information, please email, voice or text message us at (206) 842-9274.

TreeXP recognizes the sport of tree climbing and serves to unite and inform recreational tree climbers who prefer to climb in a safe, responsible, non-invasive manner. Tree climbing is great exercise, creating harmony and focus between body and mind. It’s as much spiritual as it is physical and technical. Just being in the presence of trees and nature’s abundance, while exercising your body and mind is immensely gratifying.

We hope you’ll become as passionate and excited about Recreational Tree Climbing as we are. If you’re already an experienced rock-climber, than perhaps you are familiar with many of the tree-climbing components. Tree climbing offers us an objective reality that allows us to challenge ourselves, while connecting directly with nature.

  • Tree Climbing 101

    Obtaining professional tree-climbing instruction is recommended for anyone and everyone, who wants to learn how to safely climb trees. Learning how to identify hazards and understanding the risk is mission-critical.  Reading about it, or watching videos is no substitute for the real deal. Climb at your own risk.

Getting the climbing line into the tree is the first objective. Hand-throwing a weighted throw-bag, tied to a string, or by using an oversized sling shot, known as a Big Shot, to shoot a weighted throw-bag tied to a light weight throw line over a secure branch and then by feeding the rope into the tree, is how it’s usually done. Trees like Redwoods, may require a more powerful launching device, like a crossbow, an airgun, or even with the use of a drone.

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My Ideal 2-in-1 Climbing Lanyard, with the DMM Captain Throwing Hook

Climbing lanyards are a highly personal thing and there’s no perfect solution for all climbers in every environment. It’s more about personal preference, using new or old school gear. I’ve come up with a number of various lanyard systems based on what I want to do, how I am going to do it, and how secure I’ll feel in the process.

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Our services help our clientèle intelligently and mindfully acclimate into the recreational tree climbing world, through personalized instruction.

All are welcome here, so please come join us for a taste of the TreeXP’erience.